Our Story

Our dream was to create a gallery space in downtown Dalton to show our own pieces, and the works of our artist friends. We dreamed of a place where we could host bands for small intimate gatherings while being surrounded by whimsical works of art. We dreamed of a place where friends and family could congregate, talk about the issues of the day, exchange ideas and thoughts, and hopefully, formulate plans to solve the world's problems.

In the simplest of terms, Dave and Pauli's Art Emporium is really an artist's studio and creative space with a fantastic art gallery attached to it.

Blessed Are The Weird People – the poets, misfits, writers, mystics, heretics, painters and troubadours – for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.
— Jacob Nordby

The half-gallery-half-creative space nestled between the walls of an an ancient 2,800 square foot building in historic downtown Dalton is a place to showcase local talent and a gateway to artists from other communities. 

The city of Dalton and its surrounding areas are blessed with an abundance of talented painters, photographers, craftsmen, and artists. Our goal is to create interesting, beautiful and intelligent art and provide a venue for other local artists to share their perspective, as well. We host periodic showings and other events in our gallery. 

Let's have fun, celebrate art, and paint!